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International Dot Day Course

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We are celebrating International Dot Day and creating a small series of free tutorials for you and your family and friends to enjoy and create! International Dot Day starts today with a series of tutorials to engage, inspire and encourage artists from all ages and all around the globe to create, make a mark and see where it takes you. The International Dot Day was created in 2009 applying concepts on bravery, creativity and self-discovery following the fabulous book The Dot by Peter Reynolds. To learn more about the "movement" and celebrate creative teaching, visit This is our first video-tutorial for the International Dot Day! In this project, we will use simple and accessible supplies for a fun masterpiece inspired by the artist Wayne Thiebaud and his famous sweets! Enjoy creating, make your mark and see where it takes you! Share your masterpiece with us on facebook and Instagram or send us an email with your artwork so we can share with the rest of the world and encourage more people to create!

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